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Breakfast Success!

First post-covid Parish Breakfast draws crowds and runs like clockwork

After two years of covid restrictions the first post-covid Parish Breakfast was held on Sunday May 15th. After a slow start after the 8:30 mass the 10:30 mass provided a full house and the parishioners from the 11:30 mass had a higher than expected attendance. It seems that our breakfasts have been missed.

The Knights who volunteered at the breakfast all remembered what to do and how to do it. Thanks go out to each and every Knight who donated their time and energy to help. Special thanks go out to BK David and BK Kevin for organizing and running the breakfast.

The most wonderful aspect of holding a Parish Breakfast is to see everyone coming together and sharing a meal, talking and laughing and just being together. As Knights this makes all we do worth it and we look forward to our next Parish Breakfast in September!


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