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Council News

Meet Your New Council Executive

All Knights of Columbus Councils elect their executive officers annually, typically in May, to begin their terms on July 1st, the start of the Fraternal Year.

Executive members oversee the direction of the council, our events and our programs. Council leaders are responsible for the various duties and tasks required to have a successful Council.

Thank you to all Executive Officers, past, present and future for investing your time, effort and talents in the service of others.

Knights of Columbus, Holy Rosary Council 6777, Milton, ON

2022-2023 Council Executive

○ Grand Knight -> Peter Jasica

○ Deputy Grand Knight -> Michael Vertolli

○ Chaplain -> Fr. John Van Hees

○ Chancellor -> Peter Loeppky

○ Financial Secretary -> Bill Hunt

○ Treasurer -> Andrew Esemezie

○ Advocate -> Daniel Varanelli

○ Recorder -> Wilson Pizarro

○ Warden -> Emil Matacz

○ Inside Guard -> Nevin Broz

○ Outside Guard -> Raul D'Gamarose

○ Outside Guard -> Rob Guillen

○ Trustee 1 Year -> Michael O’Gorman

○ Trustee 2 Year -> Colin Genier

○ Trustee 3 Year -> Francois Fullum


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