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Nothing Better Than Sharing A Meal with Brother Knights

Council Summer BBQ and Golf

The most anticipated council

meeting of the year

was held on Aug 4th

The Annual Council Summer BBQ and Golf Outing was a great success with a good turnout, a great meal and exceptional company!

Even though the weather wasn't completely cooperative, raining out the golfers halfway through their game, it cleared up nicely for the rest of the day and the BBQ.

We ended up with one of the largest turnouts the BBQ has had in a while.

There is nothing better than sharing a meal with our Brother Knights.

A special thank you to Brother Knight Daniel Varanelli for once again hosting the council at his home and making all the preparations, doing all the running around and ensuring a wonderful day for everyone. Thanks also go to those who helped organize the golf, cooked the meal and also to all those who attended.


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