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On the Pitch for a Purpose: Charity Soccer Tournament BBQ

On Saturday September 9th Milton Pickup Soccer held a friendly Charity Soccer Tournament in support of I Challenge Diabetes (ICD) at the Milton Sports Park. The tournament included a BBQ lunch provided by the Knights of Columbus.

Four teams took part in the double elimination tournament and a youth sports challenge was held in the morning. As the soccer tournament heated up, so did the Knights of Columbus' barbecue grills. The tantalizing aroma of sizzling burgers filled the air, drawing in the hungry participants. The Knights' team of skilled grill masters worked tirelessly, ensuring that everyone could enjoy a delicious meal while contributing to the charitable cause.

The tournament showcased the value of community service and the joy of sportsmanship. This event serves as an example of how local organizations and communities can come together to create positive change. Thanks to Milton Pickup Soccer organizers Brother Knight Emil Matacz and Babjide Shiwoku for making this event possible in partnership with ICD

The funds raised support the programs provided by I Challenge Diabetes. ICD is a leader in exercise and diabetes with experts in the science who talk the talk and athletes who walk the walk. They have hosted thousands of T1D’s in everything from a fun day of sport to week-long camps and extreme challenges. They focus on how to manage diabetes effectively in the midst of real life challenges and use active programs to bring strategies to life.


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