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Scholarhip Program

The Knights of Columbus are awarding 2 scholarships to two successful candidates meeting the criteria listed below: The focus of the awards is on commitment to further education - the scholarships will acknowledge two members of Holy Rosary Parish for commitment to further their education in a college or university program or a trade. The awards may be used at the discretion of the winners upon proof of enrolment into their chosen program. Selection Criteria: 1. Applicant must be a registered and practicing member of Holy Rosary Parish, Milton 2. Applicant must be entering or continuing in a post-secondary education program, and not be a previous recipient of this scholarship. 3. Applicant should share involvement in Church, school, community and charity. 4. Economic need will be taken into account. The applicant should describe the funding process for his/her educations, including other awards and applications. 5. Applicant should articulate future career goals. 6. Applicant should share life objectives. 7. Applicant must supply two letters of reference Application Process: Applicants must provide a brief cover letter describing their background, accompanied by a brief essay dealing with the six criteria outlined above. Applications must be received by May 15th clearly marked with “Knights of Columbus Scholarship Program”. Applications can be submitted via; Post Mail -> To Holy Rosary Council, Knight of Columbus Scholarship Program at PO Box 66 Stn Main. Milton ON L9T 2Y3 eMail -> To, please include all supporting information as PDF file(s) in one single email. include Knight of Columbus Scholarship Program" in the subject. For further information please contact Michael O’Gorman, at 905-878-1258


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