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Prayer Network

The Knights of Columbus is much more than just a service group which raises money for worthy causes. Even though Charity; volunteering, organizing events and raising money is an important part of being a Knight, other facets are just as important. Unity, Fraternity and our Faith are just as important. We call each other Brother Knights and we treat each other as brothers, as family. When a Brother Knight is in need we support them, when they need our prayers, we pray for them.

A Prayer Network has been created to ensure our Brother Knights in need are prayed for daily and to also pray together as a Council, as brothers. Every single day, select Prayer Network members pray for those on the current list of prayer intentions. Each member is assigned one day per month and together we pray for them every day.

Join the Prayer Network today by sending an email to and request to join. On your assigned day, once per month, you will receive your reminder email, you read the list of prayer intentions and you pray for them. This is a simple yet powerful way for us to pray together as a Council, pray for others and to grow in our faith.

If you have a prayer request please send an email to the same address, and your request will be sent to our Prayer Network members for daily prayer.


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