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Spread the Warmth This Winter

Today, more than ever, there are children going without. Think of the difference it would make in their lives if they had a warm coat to confront the rigours of our cold climate.

Approximately 14 percent of Canadian children live in poverty. Many low-income families have scarce resources to cover even the most basic essentials. These members of our community need help to provide the vital necessity of a winter coat.

Provide warmth for children in need during cold winter months

The Knights of Columbus launched the Coats for Kids program to ensure that every child in need would have access to a warm winter coat. Since the program started in 2009, councils have purchased and distributed more than 800,000 new winter coats to children throughout North America. Councils across North America raise funds and can purchase brand new winter coats at a discount to be distributed to the children in need in their local communities.

“We need to see each child

as a gift to be welcomed,

cherished and protected...”

— Pope Francis

The Holy Rosary Knights of Columbus has donated hundreds of Coats to local Milton children in need. Help us continue to help spread the warmth by supporting our Poinsettia Fundraiser. Purchase a TERRA Greenhouses Poinsettia, Outdoor Greens Arrangement or a Gift Card for yourself or someone else. All proceeds will go towards keeping Milton child in need warm this winter. Knights of Columbus Poinsettia Fundraiser Donations without purchase also welcome

Our goal this year is $2,000 worth of new coats.


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