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Council News

A Busy Year, Despite Covid

As Knights, charity is one of our core principles, the one which most people know us for. The majority of our fundraising and volunteering comes from organizing and running events. One unfortunate result of the Covid pandemic was the cancellation of nearly all of our events.

Every event from our Golf Tournament, Valentine's Gala, and Curling Bonspiel to our Parish Breakfasts and other various smaller events have all been cancelled for two or three years now. We did our best to pivot to several new fundraisers such as the Pumpkin and Turkey Drives, the Online 50/50 Raffle and expanded some others like the Advent Food Drive.

Even though we are far from our usual levels of fundraising and volunteering we have managed to achieve some impressive numbers. Over 1,600 hours volunteering and over $10,000 in charitable donations. This is all due to the dedication and hard work of each and every Brother Knight and a testament to the unity and fraternity of our Council and our Order.

As restrictions now begin to lift we are excited to once again start planning our events and inviting everyone to support our charitable causes!


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