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Council News

Bringing Knights Together for Camaraderie, Food, and Fun!

The Annual Council BBQ and Golf Outing was held on Thursday August 3rd at the home of BK Daniel. The event was a resounding success, an evening filled with camaraderie, delectable treats, and a renewed sense of shared purpose.

While the food was undoubtedly a highlight, the true magic of the event lay in the connections that were forged and rekindled throughout the day. Members engaged in lively conversations, shared stories, and exchanged laughter, creating an atmosphere of genuine friendship and brotherhood. Brother Knights rekindled their connections, further reinforcing the strong bonds that make the Knights of Columbus a beacon of unity.

Several members took part in an afternoon of golf at Granite Ridge Golf Club and the BBQ was followed by our August General Meeting chaired by our new Grand Knight Michael Vertolli. Those who attended were also able to meet and get to know our new District Deputy BK Narciso Rodrigues.

Thanks go out to BK Daniel for once again doing a wonderful job of hosting, BK Michael O. for arranging the golf, BK Colin for cooking our meal and to all the Brother Knights who were able to take part.


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