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Council News

Knight's Family Dinner

It has been too long since any of us have had the chance to spend time with each other's families. So a Knight's Family Dinner was held on Saturday April 23rd in the Parish Hall. Brother Knight's and their family members gathered to enjoy a home-cooked dinner of baked chicken and potatoes with some fresh vegetables, there was even dessert. With a total of 24 people over four tables it was a low key event which was enjoyed by all. It was truly wonderful to see so many faces we haven't seen in quite a long time and we look forward to seeing more of everyone soon!

Thank you to everyone who attended and to those who helped to clean up. Special thanks to BK Colin Genier and BK Kevin Guthrie for organizing and cooking the meal, BK Josh Genier and Laura Genier for serving and BK Francois Fullum for tending the bar. Freewill donations covered all the costs.


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