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Council News

Knights of Columbus Spread Warmth: Delivering Coats for Kids to Local Food Bank

Every year the Knights of Columbus looks to ensure that the warmth of compassion reaches the most vulnerable members of the community, kids.

The Coats for Kids program takes place at the local, provincial and international levels. Locally, in Milton, the Holy Rosary Knights deliver Coats for Kids to the Milton Food Bank in order to supply essential winter wear for children who may be facing economic hardships. Recognizing the harsh realities that many families endure, shielding the youth from the biting cold.

As the coats find their way into the waiting arms of children, the Knights of Columbus affirm their commitment to the principles of charity and unity. With the generosity of our supporters through our Annual Poinsettia Sale and other fundraising we show how a community that cares can make a significant difference, one coat at a time.


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