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Council News

Roses for Life

Life Director Peter Loeppky delivering a Christmas gift to Halton Alive

In October the Knights of Columbus collected donations to support a Culture of Life. Through the generosity of the parishioners of Holy Rosary Parish $2,000 was raised and has been recently donated to Halton Alive.

While donations are collected, rose lapels are distributed. The newly redesigned lapel features two roses, a red rose and a white rose. The red rose signifies opposition to abortion while the white rose is the international symbol opposing euthanasia.

As Catholics and as Knights of Columbus, we are called to continually promote, develop and defend a Culture of Life that values life from the moment of conception to natural death. The Roses for Life program is an effective way to raise awareness as well as raise funds to support pro-life organizations and events.

Collections go to a number of Pro-Life organizations and events in our community including Halton Alive’s numerous Pro-Life education programs and events, subsidizing travel to the annual March for Life in Ottawa, as well as Pro-Life clubs within our Catholic Schools.

Thank you to all those who donated!


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